Monday, April 9, 2012

Why Join Ad Clix Express

1. Ease of Moneymaking. You can fund your account with as little as $10, and earn 2% per day with no work! (Once our Surf Module has been implemented, you'll need to spend about 15 minutes surfing sites advertised by other members.)
2. No Sponsoring Requirements - You can earn a full-time income without ever having to sponsor anyone!

3. Something Positive Always Happening - Just log into your account every day to see your new money!

4. Professional Support Team - We have a professional team of more than 20 people to provide customer support, product development, and improving systems.


5. Indefinitely Sustainable - The history of practically all high-return programs has been that they suddenly disappear and whatever money members have in them is lost. We have the first and only high-return program (we know of) that's indefinitely sustainable.

6. Million Dollar Challenge - We're so confident that we offer a $1 million award to anyone who can find a mathematical flaw in our system that would prevent us from being indefinitely sustainable.

7. Daily Compounding - We allow daily compounding to maximize your earnings.

8. Daily Withdrawals - You can request withdrawals at any time. They are paid daily, usually within 24-36 hours.

9. Generous Referral Commissions - If you do sponsor people, you can earn a great deal more. We pay 10% on the first level and 5% on the second.

10. Self-Development Products - You can apply our products -- "Upgrade Your Brain," "Big Success Breakthrough," and "Killer Success Tricks" to become vastly more successful in all areas of your life. Our "JBP's Leapfrog Course" enables you to "jump to a higher orbit of performance, success, and achievement."

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